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About Us

The Aby's Story

Established in 2020 and located in downtown Rapid City, Aby's is more than just a bar—it is a vibrant art collective, music venue, eatery, and a hub for community engagement. With a focus on fostering creativity, supporting local artists, and offering an organic and sustainable food menu, Aby's has become a unique and welcoming establishment in the heart of Rapid City.

Steeped in history, Aby's occupies a renovated grain tower and feed store that was formerly known as Aby's Feed and Seed. Honoring the heritage of the location, Aby's has strived to maintain the rustic and authentic atmosphere that embodies the essence of Midwestern South Dakota. The venue blends traditional aesthetics with modern amenities, creating an inviting space where locals and visitors alike can feel a sense of connection to the region's past while enjoying contemporary comforts.

Aby's Rapid City is host to Aby's 5th St. Pub, along 5th St, as well as Aby's Event Hall, a 200-person capacity hall that is used for ticketed events as well as being available for rental by private parties. We host events nightly (and sometimes during the day) in the 5th St. Pub - some of our most popular include Stoner Bingo, Jazz Brunch, and Club 605. At Aby's we pride ourselves on being a versatile space where folks from all backgrounds, persuasions, and walks of life may enjoy art and community together - we can't wait for you to join us.

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Q: What time do your events begin? A: We have events throughout the week, typically starting at 6PM and running through midnight to 2AM depending on the night of the week. Please check the events page on our website or social media to confirm the start time of the event you're interested in.

Q: Do your shows have a cover charge? A: Our Friday and Saturday evening shows, along with Jazz Brunch, typically do not have a cover charge. That said, some of our events do, so your best bet is to check the event description on our events page to verify whether or not the event you are interested in has a cover.

Q: Is your venue all-ages? A: Most of our events held prior to 10PM are open to all ages, with the exception of Stoner Bingo, Drag and Burlesque shows. Again, please check the event description to confirm whether or not a show is open to all ages. That said, Aby's policy is that all minors must be off the premises by 10PM, regardless of the event taking place.

Q: Where should I park? A: We have limited parking available in the back lot, however there is a parking garage directly across the street from the 5th St. Pub that we encourage our guests to use when our parking lot is full. DO NOT park in the VFW parking lot, you will be towed.

Q: Where can I purchase tickets to your events, and can I get a refund if I am not able to attend? A: Aby's partners with Eventbrite for online ticket sales - if an event is ticketed, an Eventbrite link will be listed within the event description. If you purchase tickets and are unable to attend, refund requests may be submitted via Eventbrite up to 24 hours prior to a show. Please note that Eventbrite fees are non-refundable. Tickets will also be available at the door if the event is not sold out.

Q: Can I bring my dog with me? A: We love the puppers here at Aby's, however as we serve food, dogs are not allowed in our indoor spaces. Leashed and well behaved dogs are more than welcome on the 5th St. Pub patio as well as our other outdoor spaces. If your dog is off leash or aggresive please leave them at home for the safety and comfort of our other guests.

Q: Can I rent out space at Aby's for private events? A: Absolutely! Our Event Hall has a capacity of 200 and is available to rent for weddings, receptions, parties, and more. To inquire about pricing and availability please contact our GM Dexter Carman at and we will return your email as soon as possible.

Q: Can I take my drink outside? A: As Aby's is situated on private property, you may openly carry beverages anywhere within "Seed Square." Under no circumstances are beverages allowed in the alley behind our building or beyond the sidewalk along 5th St.

Q: Is Aby's smoker friendly? A: Yes, as long as you are 10ft or more away from any doors to our building. Under no circumstances is the use of cannabis permitted on Aby's property. We also ask that you do not vape indoors, as it is not only illegal, but also may set off our fire alarm and require us to evacuate the building. Don't be the person that stopped a show just becasue you didn't want to step outside to vape!

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